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EasyDebug - Product Information

EasyDebug is an extension for the Gupta TeamDeveloper debugger. Based on a tabbed dialog, you can view and change the contents of variables, set normal, conditional and absolute breakpoints, perform an extended search for code items, jump on a single click to the definition of items and more.

For further informations refer to the detail information.

To test EasyDebug please download the fully functional evaluation version.

Purchase EasyDebug.

EasyDebug is availabel for Windows 9.x/NT4.0/ME/2000/XP and all Centura/Gupta versions from 1.1.0 to TD 3.1


  • Variables and variable contents are automatically added to the EasyDebug dialog and updated in single step mode.
  • They can also be added or updated simply by clicking on a line in the source code.
  • Manual variables can also be added.
  • Variable contents can be edited and assigned to a variable.
  • Variable contents are copied to the clipboard at the press of a button.
  • An editor can be opened displaying the variable contents just by pressing a button.
  • All application breakpoints are listed.
  • In the outliner the user can jump to individual breakpoints and back to the current line.
  • Breakpoints can be disabled/enabled individually.
  • Conditional breakpoints can be set.
  • Absolute breakpoints can be set (e.c. stop at call from SqlPrepare).
  • Array contents can be listed.
  • The global and instance variables of a class can be listed with its contents.
  • It is possible to branch to a class declaration.
  • A jump to the definition of a variable or function is possible.
  • Simplified navigation in the TD tree view.
  • Bookmarks can be set and jumped to.
  • Variable contents can be displayed by selecting the variables (Debug tool tips) from version Centura 1.5 PTF 4.
  • A extended search with display of item path is implemented.